Tiger Truck

Tiger Star 4x4

This industry-first 4WD option is available on Tiger Star Trucks, Cargo Van, X-Cab and Crew Cab as well as several bed configurations.  These strong Tiger Star vehicles now permit drivers to comfortably traverse terrain that previously presented challenges to single-axle drive vehicles.  From the comfort of the cab, the driver may lever-select between 2WD and 4WD.  Similarly, the driver has the option of selecting Hi range or Lo range of drive gearing dependent upon the severity of the incline and the vehicle load. 

This is the only light utility off-road vehicle available with the important 4x4 capability and is the only vehicle in its class to have passed the frontal crash test.  Add Tiger’s Flex-Fuel Vehicle (FFV) option, and you have likely the most environmentally friendly, go-anywhere vehicles available for off-road travel in comfort and safety.

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