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  • 2017 F350XL, Crew Cab, 4×4, V-8, Power Group, Race Red

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  • Ellis County ESD #6 Fire Dept. Graphics and Striping with Rear Chevron Striping
  • ARE Aluminum Topper Cab High Painted Ford Race Red with No Front Window
  • Single Lift up Door on each Side and Single Lift up Door on Rear
  • Extend-O-Bed Style EB1590 Hillsborough Slide-Out Storage Unit with 1200 lb. Capacity
  • Front End Replacement Bumper with receiver tube
  • Rear Receiver Tube
  • Grip Step Running Boards
  • Remote Start for chassis

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  • 1-Whelen Liberty 54” 16 LEDs with Alley and Take Down Lights mounted on 5” Risers
  • 1-Whelen CEN-COM Sapphire Siren Amp & Switch Controller
  • 2-Whelen SA315P Siren Speakers with mounts
  • 2-Whelen M4J Series Red / Blue split with Clear Lens for Lower Front LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen M4D Series Red / White split with Clear Lens, Front Intersector LED Warning Lights
  • 6-Whelen ION Series 2-Red 2-Blue & 2-Amber with Clear Lens LED Upper Rear Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen ION Series Red Lower Rear LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen MCRNSJ Red / Blue split Driver Side Lower LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen MCRNSJ Red / Blue split Passenger Side Lower LED Warning Lights
  • 2-Whelen M4J Red / Blue split with clear lens for Rear Side Intersector LED Warning Lights
  • 4-Whelen M4V2CR combo upper Warning/Scene Light with two mounted each side of topper
  • 1-L32LGF Green LED Beacon mounted to rear of topper
  • 1-WBUA97 Back Up Alarm
  • 2-Whelen F36PC Interior LED Lights for topper
  • 1-Havis C-2410 Console with Map box, Microphone Clips, & Arm Rests
  • 4-Whelen 3” Red/White Work Lights mounted on rear door for command area lighting
  • 1-Kussmaul Battery Charger with Super Auto Eject mounted at RIGHT rear of truck
  • 1-Master Disconnect Solenoid with Circuit Breaker
  • 1-12 Volt Electrical to Extend-o-Bed command center
  • 1-120 Volt Electrical outlet to top of Extend-O-Bed (like FORRESTON)
  • 2-Stream Light Rechargeable Flash lights mounted to console
  • 1-Whelen 10” Continuum LED Flood, mounted on front bumper
  • 1-Safety Vision Rear Back Up Camera with Color Screen mounted in the cab
  • 1-Safety Vision SAFEDRIVE HD Dash Cam to be mounted in place of rear view mirror
  • 1-Install Customer supplied radios in cab console
  • 1-Install Customer supplied radio at rear of extend-o-bed
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